Summering in Europe: How to do it right

Summering in Europe: How to do it right

When it comes to summering in style, Europe is the only right choice. How could it not be? With its picturesque landscapes, wild countryside and exquisite shorelines, Europe offers travelers a summer to remember. This continent on the other side of Atlantic is blessed with some of the loveliest sunset boulevards and lush tropical paradises which come alive when the sun is shining through the summer.

Laze away your afternoons on the sandy white shores of Paphos or strut with flair on the cosmopolitan streets of Munich, with its rich heritage and magnetic culture; there is never a dull moment in Europe. This is also one of the many reasons why all travel lovers flock to this continent as soon as the sun climbs higher. In fact, to make your travel plans a little easier. Here’s our pick of the best places to visit in Europe in summer:


No better way to spend your summer than sunning on the dreamy shores of Phaphos, drinking in the sights of gorgeous Roman architecture. A city with culture as old as time, Paphos offers layers of medieval and contemporary architecture for travelers to explore. Fall in love with the old-world charm of the Aphrodite Island or visit the UNESCO Heritage sights at the Tombs of the Kings, the only wrong choice is not visiting this Romanian heaven before the sun heads west.


Lonely Planet describes Munich as the home to Bavarian Heritage and looking at its stunning, austere beauty, it’s hard to argue with this designation. This multicultural hub offers the perfect blend of Neo-Gothic architecture and an urban-chic lifestyle to dazzle travelers away. Bask in the celebrations of the Oktoberfest or sip some of the finest pints in the world at its beer halls, this German splendor can never let you down.


Straight out of a Wes Anderson movie, Budapest is as eclectic as it is temperamental. Traversing the hilly terrains of Buda, as you make your way to the flat region of Pest through an archaic, 19th Century bridge, you will be able to witness several spectacular sights. In fact, home to some of the oldest architecture in the world, visiting Budapest is nothing short of a pilgrimage for history nerds.

Le Havre

You may have your last tango in Paris, but you can’t experience the complete French Connection till you visit the avant-garde harbors of Le Havre. In fact, this coastal town of France will simply blow your mind with its lushness and grandeur. Entirely re-built post the Second World War, this city’s urban-chic architecture and striking cliffs will make you think of France each time the sun sizzles.


Invigorating and antiquated, entering Portugal’s heritage city lets you take a welcome break from reality. Relatively untouched by the urban hustle, Alentejo’s quaint charm is personified by its magnificent castles and rocky coasts. In fact, with the company of many of UNESCO’s Heritage sites. Every world weary traveler will find a home in Alentjo’s scenic countryside and fields of rolling vineyards.


The capital city of Croatia usually takes a backseat as most travelers head straight towards its sparking shorelines. And while Croatian beaches have a considerable charm of their own, Zagreb is a city that you definitely shouldn’t miss. Edgy and exciting, its cosmopolitan allure will win you over at the first glance. Zagreb offers the perfect combination of new-age urbanism and alt-chic artistic impressions to make it the perfect destination to spend your summers in.

And, these were some of our top picks of places to visit in Europe in summer! So, what are you waiting for? Pick up that satchel and get exploring travelers!

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