Stop Planning and Start Travelling – Now

Stop Planning and Start Travelling – Now

Always dreamt of savouring the breathtaking views of the Himalayan range from a hilltop or the beautiful view of the sparkling Eiffel tower at midnight? If you aspire to travel the world or seek some meaning in life, then you have come to the right place. There are times when the wear and tear of your daily routine gets to you. At such times, you tend to zone out and question the meaning of your life. This is exactly when you need some travel therapy. If you think it is crazy or impossible to fulfill your wanderlust, think twice. We give you some reasons on why you should start travelling NOW!

NOW is the Appropriate Time to Travel 

Are you not 18 yet? You are 22 but still not old enough to travel? Well, in that case, you will never grow old enough to travel. There is no appropriate age for travelling. People travel solo, with family, friends, or who so ever they like, whether they are still 16 and sitting in class or 60 and just whiling away the time by reading newspapers. If you keep waiting for the so called ‘appropriate travel age’ then forget travelling. If you cannot then start travelling now!

Travel Can Be Cheap

Financial crunch is the biggest excuse people give for not travelling. But, is travelling really that expensive or are you not ready to sacrifice some luxuries to save for you dream travel trip? The saying that travelling is for the rich is just a myth. With so many affordable options available when it comes to flights, hotels, homestays, food, and transportation, travelling is no longer expensive. While it is not easy, some effort on your part to sacrifice those weekend dinners and that urge to shop could help you make your dreams come true.

Do What You Love

When working round the clock, it is difficult to pursue your passion – something that truly makes you happy. Sure, many are lucky to love their job but not all are. Dream of mastering the art of yoga? Want to learn to cook a new cuisine? Always wanted to learn how to skydive? Well, it is the break from the routine that can help you do what you love. Whatever your dream or passion, travelling will allow you the time and freedom to give yourself some happiness. And, the feeling when you do your favourite thing in another country just adds to that happiness.

You Do Not Have to Sacrifice Your Career or Relationships to Travel

Are career and relationships two other excuses you keep giving yourself to not travel? For those who grow up in cultures where life starts at school and ends with marriage and kids, travelling could seem a distant dream. Quitting the job may seem a horrific career decision or leaving your fiancé behind just when he proposed you could sound rude. But, what is it that you actually want? The job, your relationships are all going to stay. If you want to travel, then do it now or you never can.

Travel Changes the Way You Look at Life

You think you are getting closer to knowledge and wisdom sitting behind the office desk and being in line with current affairs? While education and career are important, only experiences can offer you the wisdom you seek. What better than travelling, experiencing different cultures, and meeting new people. Travelling can change the way you look at life. Get closer to enlightenment and fulfillment by answering your dream to travel.


Last but not the least; regret is one of the biggest reasons why you should not delay pursuing your travel dreams. Opportunities only knock once. You either answer it or forget it. The job will stay, your career can progress even after the trip, and money can be earned again, but opportunities once lost don’t come back. If you do not want to face regrets in life, then hit the road now!

Now that you know how to travel and not just keep dreaming, go answer your wanderlust calling. Travelling is easier than you think!

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