Choose which money lender you want to get a loan from!

You will be getting lots of replies from licensed money lenders in Singapore once your submit your loan application. So what is the final step? Now, all you have to do now is to choose which money lender you want to get a loan from.

There are quite a few factors that come into play.

  1. Money Lender Review
  2. Location
  3. Opening Hours

License and legal money lender reviews play a big role because it will provide you with some form of indication. Indication of what the moneylender is like, how they operate. It will also show you if their previous clients have been satisfied with their service. Reviews play a big part in your decision making because it is the closest you idea you will get on what they are like.

Location is factor as well because even though Singapore is small, it is still troublesome to travel around. With our world class MRT, bus services and even taxi like Grab and Uber, we are still lazy to travel too far. Thus if you are staying in the East and the money lender is in the West, you may not be willing to travel. But if it is a good money lender, will that make a difference? This is where reviews come into play. A certain money lender may be too far for you to go to. But if it is a good money lender then will it be worth your time?

Last of all, opening hours will affect which money lender you choose. If they close early, you will not be able to get your loan even if they are one of the best money lenders with high reviews. Unless you are taking the day off just to visit their office. Also, weekends are when most of us have the most time. If the money lender is open on weekends, it will be a major plus point because you know you will be able to have access to cash easily.

There can be so many more factors affecting your decision that is not in the list above. With so many different factors affecting which money lender you choose, consider carefully which lender you want to approach.

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