Reasons Why Women Can Be More Financially Independent Than Men

Reasons Why Women Can Be More Financially Independent Than Men

The one thing that all women must get is that you were not supposed to be equal to men just to show that you can do what they can, but to be a woman and be able to do what men cannot. This should show up in every aspect of a woman’s life. Women have always been better than men at handling life and its predicaments. With brains straighter and clearer than men, women tend to be problem solvers, whether they are single or in a family.

The admirable management qualities of women are known to all and this managerial mindset helps them to pull off the most important task of everyone’s life, living in comfort all month with a single paycheck. It is true, women can do that while men would either let their budget fall on a fancy suit or drink their paycheck up with some Irish whiskey. Women, although they love shopping, always know what’s better to have in the amount reflecting their bank accounts. So, when it comes to being financially free, women are sure to do it better than men.


Women and men are like apple and cola when it comes to spending, they go totally different ways. A woman will surely buy apples than buy cola when it comes to food choices. Women make better spending choices. The reason being, they are smarter at shopping than men. Men go out to the shopping mart with the goal of buying things they need and don’t care much about the price until their belly fits the pair of jeans. When women go out to shop, they prepare at home. Women are always keen on updating themselves of the latest sales at their favorite outlets or shopping centers. Women care more about the discounts provided by retailers than men do.

Men usually lookover discounts and important sales that could save them money. Yes, it is possible that women spend more on appares than men, but it is nowhere compared to what men spend on their eating habits and that on their car and transport. Women are more stable even after shopping as women are more inclined towards using all the discount vouchers and love the idea of couponing, on both online shopping and outlet shopping.


If you are thinking that the miser husband in your neighborhood might be saving more, then you’re wrong. He just probably doesn’t give the money to his wife for shopping. Spending is something that no man would back out of but women, being earlier into their intellectual stage in life, know when to spend and when to keep their currency in their purses. Although the gender pay gap does allow men to have higher salaries than women, that don’t put savings on the top priority of men.

Women tend to be more on the back foot if they see any future necessities that might require funds. A common average shows that working women and men are different on savings. It has been seen that women tend to be more interested in saving percentages of their cheques in the firm itself, in forms of provident funds and workplace retirement accounts. Men, on the other hand, are seen saving 2-8% less than women in their retirement funds.


Although it is significant, that men are more interested in investing and have slightly better knowledge than women in this matter, women take away more than men. Women are much more creative when it comes to decision making. Men investing in markets are confident about their money and take dangerous risks with their money. Women, on the other hand, help seekers and try to learn everything beforehand, so they take calculated risks and only tend to invest where they see a better return in the near future.

The levels of patience among women and men set them apart in the market. Men, on average, being more task-focused, tend to have less patience towards holding the stocks and shares. Women look forward into the future and are more patient towards their holdings. Men make certain mistakes that make them have fewer returns on their investments in ratio with women. Women, being more cautious towards the market, trade only where the risk is under control and hence tend to have better returns than men.


It is true that men are always bigger risk-takers than women and tend to have an impulse in a lot of things. Men would think only about driving their new ride rather than paying debts when they are buying a car on credit. Although women are also in the credit scene and take loans to fulfill needs, there is a difference between the reasons for men taking loans and women doing the same. Men tend to have more debt on their part than women, because of the impulse of having something the very moment they wish for it.

Purchases on credit

On average, men make more purchases on credit when it comes to luxury products, while women have a tendency to use their credits for essential things in life to make ends meet. Women are noted to have a better credit score than men. It is highly unlikely that a woman would fall behind on mortgage payments while it is witnessed a lot of times when the man is thrown out of the house because of piling up debts.

Women handle their debts and credit better than men as they have a perception of the big picture in the long run. Men might have the brawns to take the world over, but in today’s world, it is the brain that makes living without hindrances possible. Women are bigger on their brains and know the difference between needs and wants. Which is why they are better at securing their financial freedom than men.

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