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Fast and easy processing for a personal loan

Applying for a Personal Loan

Every one that needs a loan can have different reasons for why they will need a personal loan.

Some people require it for medical purposes, some may need it for a vacation. Any reason that you have for requiring a loan, Best Loan Option is here to assist you with that.

We are here to help you with all your financial needs. Best Loan Option has helped you to source for the best licensed moneylender in Singapore. We have talked to many companies to find out how they operate, how they treat their customers and even how their after loan service is like.

With more than a 150 companies in Singapore operating as a legal money lender, it can be very overwhelming as to which company do you approach. In addition, it is very time consuming for you to apply or call every company to find out about them. Furthermore, some companies require you to come down in person for them to access your documents before providing you with more information.

As such, Best Loan Option is here to simply that process for you.

Best Loan Option – Licensed Money Lender Platform

All you have to do now, is to fill in a short application form and our representatives will give you a call to find out more about your needs. They will then provide the information to the companies (nothing confidential of course!) and match you with the company that best suits your needs!

Please note that our representatives will never ask you for any confidential information over the phone or email. They will not require you to submit any personal information like your address or pictures.


You have to be very wary of anyone who asks for information like these as you never know what they might do with your information.

Ministry of Law – List of Licensed Money lender

For any company that we have matched you with, you can counter verify this information on Ministry of Law website. Ministry of Law has provided a list of licensed money lenders in Singapore for your reference.

This information is updated by the law every month. But as we have told you before, it can be very tiring and time consuming to sift through all the lenders.

We have already done all the work, so why bother doing it yourself again? 🙂 Furthermore, we do not charge you anything for our services.

Since it is a free and tested system, why not try it out for yourself!

Drop us your application and let us work our magic on you!