Passive income ideas for 2019

Do you have a debt to repay? Or do you wish to buy your favourite electronic device soon? If not these, then do you just wish to have some extra cash with you at the end of every month? Irrespective of your reason, the fact is that you want money. Your current job or business may not give you enough money to think about investment options or buying something new. In such a case, the only solution is to have a secondary income. If you have spare time along with your current job or business or on weekends, you can surely consider some great work-from-home options and earn good passive income.

Here are a few outstanding work-from-home options for attractive passive income.

passive income ideas

Become a Babysitter

If you can handle kids well, you can become a babysitter. If your friends or family members have a kid, you can babysit her. Later, ask your friends and family members to spread the word ahead about your work.

Sell DIY Items

Do you love making DIY items and believe in upcycling the waste? If you have been making creative items already, start selling it. You can sell loads of things ranging from accessories, craft supplies, bags, collectibles, art, and much more. Name your store of items, and make a Facebook page and Instagram handles for the same. You can even sell your work on Etsy and earn money.

Become a Home Tutor

Becoming a home tutor or a private tuition teacher is yet another option for passive income. Select the subject that you would like to teach kids and spread the word across that you are a private tutor. Depending on the subjects you teach and your qualification, you can bargain with parents and start teaching with an attractive income.

Become a Translator

If you are familiar with local and foreign languages, you can become an online translator. Websites like Upwork and Translators Town offer time-bound freelance translation jobs. Select from the many requirement postings here and get started. You can easily earn about S$20 to S$1,500 per translating assignment.

Help Tourists

If you know your city well, this one’s for you. The best way to make the most of this information is by becoming a local guide. Visit the local attraction near you in your free time and meet tourists. You can start telling them everything about the place and its importance.

Sell Homemade Food

Can you cook well? If yes, then you can become a home chef. Set a fixed or changing menu, tie up with your local food delivery platforms, and start earning by cooking. You can even tie up with the local transporting services if you don’t wish to tie up with the food delivery brands. Or you can even opt for delivering the food yourself if you have enough time.

Use Your Talent

If you have a unique talent or you have done a course that can help you in any way, utilize your talent and skills. For instance, if you have done a digital marketing course, you can provide part-time coaching of digital marketing or social media marketing for people who wish to excel at these. Likewise, if you can write well, you can become a freelance content or creative writer. Same way, you can even become a graphic and/or website designer.

Fill Up Online Surveys

If you see, there are countless websites and mobile applications that offer online surveys. All you have to do is fill up those online surveys. And in return, these people will either give you money in the form of points that you need to transfer to your bank account, or points which you can use to buy gift cards or vouchers. Some of the popular platforms are Google Rewards (Apple/Android), AIP Online Surveys, Your Voice, and Toluna. Getting paid for sharing your opinions is an amazing technique to earn. But beware of the applications and websites that ask you to pay for signing up. They can be frauds!

Become a Photographer

If you are great at photography and also own a decent camera, you are an ideal candidate to become a photographer. Spread the word across and start taking bookings for weekends. You can earn exceptionally great by being a wedding, food, fashion, travel, lifestyle, or product photographer. You can even get yourself registered on online listing websites such as Photography Directory Project to get more clients directly.

Become a Mascot

As you know, there are a lot of events happening in Singapore that spend a fortune on promotions. Mascots for the promotion of events are becoming a common thing too. You can be one such mascot without people even recognizing you. Get in touch with various event managers to stay updated with such events and promotions. You can easily earn between S$15-S$30 an hour for just waving at the crowd, taking pictures with people, and having a lot of fun!

Rent Your Room

One of the easiest and best ways to earn passive income is to rent a room of your house. If you have an extra room in your house that you generally don’t use, you can give it away on rent. This way you’ll get a fixed income on a regular basis. And if you live alone in your house, then you will get a company as well.

Unlike your fixed job or business, the great thing about passive income is that you can give up on one idea and try another option out of this list. Irrespective of what you take up, don’t forget to save as much as you can.

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