We will only send your application to license money lender. Any illegal money lender or loansharks that try to join our platform will immediately be kick out. Furthermore, our team is always on the look out for who are no longer license.

You may ask how do we verify if a money lender is license or not? This can be done easily by looking at Ministry of Law’s website. Ministry of Law provides a list of licensed money lenders currently allowed to operate in Singapore. Not to worry, the list of money lenders will be updated every month. Even if there has been no changes to the number of money lenders in Singapore, Ministry of Law will still generate the list again at the start of every month.

Best Loan Option will verify our database with the list of money lenders available on Ministry of Law’s site. Thus you can rest assure that any money lender that respond to your loan application is with absolute certainty a legal money lender.

Please take note that licensed money lender are only able to operate via an office space. This means that they will not be able to provide you with a loan online or through sms and emails. If anyone claims to be a legal money lender but do not require you to go to their office, they are definitely not a license money lender. Please be extra careful, because these are highly likely to be illegal money lenders aka loansharks.

Loansharks are nasty people to deal with because they will give you unnecessary trouble instead of solving your problems. With media channels constantly reporting how loansharks harass and threaten people, do you still want it to happen to you? Remember to only borrow from license money lenders. With more than 150 license and legal money lenders in Singapore, we are certain that you will be able to find a good and reliable money lender to help you with your problem.

Did you encounter loan sharks? Or did you happen to borrow from them? Email us at admin@bestloanoption.com if you want advice on what you can do next. Everyone in the Best Loan Option team is well train to assist you with your problem.

Need a loan? Send us your application form and we will do the rest of the work for you! Finding you the best and most licensed money lenders available in Singapore.