Best Investments Decisions to Make in Singapore

Best Investments Decisions to Make in Singapore

Why do you need to invest? It’s not a trick question. Take a minute and think about it. Why is it important to invest? What can you benefit from investing money you already have? You must agree that people who are very successful financially strive to achieve two things maximally: wealth accumulation and an established financial routine. You cannot be financially successful if you do not have a steady source of income or an accumulation of inherited wealth. Even when you inherit wealth, you will still need to make smart decisions to maintain your status.

The other is that they devote time and effort to learning new things that can help them improve their financial status. They know all there is to know about financial capitals and certain things that affect them. They follow the trend and protect themselves from losses. Actually, they know that full knowledge of these facts can help boost their financial resources and annual income. They are always willing to learn about economic and financial appreciation and depreciation. They save money without fail and have financial plans at different stages of their lives. The fact remains that the wealthy members of society are rich because they have an excellent relationship with money. It all boils down to investment. Simply put, investment is using the money to make more money. However, it’s not a clear-cut rule. You can lose all you invest if you don’t make the right investment decision or you fall victim to an unforeseen occurrence.

The Best Investment Plans for A Singaporean

1. ETF Investment Plan

This is typically called the Exchange-Traded Fund. It makes it possible for the public to invest in the market index. It is passed around on the stock exchange market just like an ordinary share can be exchanged. This kind of investment is relatively different from the unit trust that everyone is used to. Financial experts advise people that individuals should invest in ETF. It is because funds in the unit trust cannot be traded on the stock market.

2. STI Investment Plan

This investment, which can also be called Strait Time Index, holds the financial history of the top 30 largest companies that are in Singapore. It keeps track of the general investments market.
By putting your money in any problems both two plans, you will be strengthening the Singapore economy and securing your future. It is because these companies are not regular companies, but large corporations that contribute largely to the country’s GDP.

Economic activities in these organizations can affect the country’s inflation rate by disrupting the price of their services and products. Inflation can affect the country’s economy in more ways than you can ever imagine. Inflation can equally affect the normal annual salary increase because it is as a result of the loss of the Singaporean dollar value among other things. The primary cause of inflation in a growing economy is supply and demand rate. This can be as a result of the supply of goods produced by these large corporations and the need of the public who are the end consumers. No matter how little a person demands a certain product, they have a great impact on the nation’s economy. A high inflation rate occurs when there is an increase in population in the country. This will make the demand for goods and services increase. Without an equilibrium, there will be inflation.
Investing in ETF and STI simply makes you a part of the company that produces most the supply in the country. You benefit from the shares each time they experience an increase. When the demand of supply is increasing, it simply means that these corporations are producing more goods to meet the demands of the people.


You also get to benefit from the rise in the share of prices when there is a shortage of supply. When a corporation is experiencing a shortage in supply because of excessive demand from the public, they increase the price of their goods and services. During inflation, corporations can charge higher for the goods or services that they provide, and this can be done without affecting their recorded profit. As an investor in these corporations, you can benefit from being part of businesses that affect the inflation rate. In other words, whether the corporations and investors suffer, you can still make a profit. This is because of the fast-rising growth in population in the nation. Growth in population leads to a general increase in the demand sector.

The next question you should ask yourself is if you would benefit more when you invest in large sums or small portions. According to financial analysts in Singapore, large sums are much better. They produce revenue 80% of the time and rarely experiences crashes. When the crashes occur, they do not last more than two years. This would be enough time for the investors to decrease their leverage on the prices that are lower.
There are also several other options to consider especially when you don’t have so much to invest.

Share Builder Plan

This investment allows you to build a large portfolio with as little money as possible. This means that you will be required to buy more shares when the price of a stock is dropping. It also means that you would be buying less when the prices are going up. This can help you cocktail the anxiety attached to guessing and making purchases.

You have the option of choosing from either ETF and STl if you don’t want to invest in both. Note that you will not be purchasing these shares directly. You must get them through a Share Builder Plan. When you do, you will not own these shares directly. The broker will own them on your behalf. This also means that there would be investment costs that can get into your monthly dividends.

There are several options to choose from depending on the profit you get annually.  Some of these corporations give the option of opting for dividend reinvestments. The others offer the option of crediting your profit to the chosen bank account. That is, you can either reinvest your profit or withdraw it. Of course, there are other options like Gold Investment plans.
The fact remains that investment is necessary on a business and personal level. However, investing your money always has some risks. Make sure you study and understand before you invest. Seeking the services of a professional financial planner before investing is important.

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