All the wonders of the world in one place

Minimundus: All the wonders of the world in one place

Special attention of visitors taking a replica of the Space Shuttle, which demonstrates every hour start with smoke and fire rising into the air three feet above the ground …

What would it feel like when you from the Eiffel Tower to the Sydney Opera could come in just a few steps, to enjoy their beauty and go to the Statue of Liberty. Just the thought that the world can visit in a few steps, without having to sit for hours on the plane or change trains from one train to another, evokes a feeling of power, but also curiosity.

Well, that only someone finally invented teleportation, it would be a big hit. But until there tepeportacija, we can enjoy the miniatures world’s major attraction. Minimundus in Klagenfurt, is the right place for those who want to go around the world a few steps.


According to legend, Klagenfurt or ‘dragon’s castle’, was built on the spot where was killed dragon Lindwurm. This was one of those dragons who did not like the people and was particularly cruel to everyone around you. Most of his malice vented just the people who lived in the surrounding areas. Until one day, when the local duke did not build the tower and called knights to help him in the fight against the cruel dragon.

But the true side of the story goes like this. Klagenfurt was built on extremely swampy place, and one of the marshes was the reason for creating the legend. On the bottom of this swamp, coming out of the gas bubbles and the townspeople felt that at the bottom lives terrible dragon which can not be awakened. A reminder of the dragon still stands on the emblem of the city, and to his defeat reminiscent of a monument in the center.

Lake Worthersee

However, it’s not the only legend that binds to this city. Another legend tells of the origin of Lake Worthersee. According to this legend here once stood a splendid city, whose population was known for carousing and debauchery life. For one such obscene entertainment, the day before Easter, the city was visited tiny shrimp Mandl carrying a barrel. He warned residents to disperse and a decent place to avoid the punishment that was in store. In case, they continue with this way of life. The locals of course did not listen Mandla and was city devastated by a major storm, after which the lake was created. Like the dragon, and Mandl got his monument in the city center.

These are just two of the attractions of this beautiful Austrian city in Carinthia. It’s greatest attraction, and a real treat for visitors, in fact MINIMUNDUS or world in miniature.

This amusement park offers a multitude of miniature world famous buildings such as the Eiffel Tower, the Taj Mahal, the Leaning Tower of Pisa, Haia Sofia and many others. Even 170 miniature of famous buildings every day attracts many visitors who enjoy a “walk the world”, while watching the beauty of the magnificent building.

Largest model of a building

The largest model of a building here is Basilica of St. Peter’s in Rome, and the highest CN Tower in Toronto. Special attention of visitors taking a replica of the Space Shuttle. Which demonstrates every hour start with smoke and fire rising into the air three feet above the ground. The figure of 150 replica is not the final figure as the administration tries to park each year to elect the new building of which will make a replica.

Because of its relative proximity to Klagenfurt can be reached by car or bus. There are many agencies in their programs have included day trips to Klagenfurt. So you can enjoy the sightseeing and walking through the world without having to worry about how and who will drive back home. However, walk the world can be very tiring, especially when you see 150 different attractions scattered across the globe.


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