What is Best Loan Option?

Best Loan Option is a loan matching platform. We have created this platform to help people to find a good licensed money lender in Singapore. Through our system, you will be able to find the best loan deals among all the money lenders available in Singapore.

Instead of spending time looking through the different results on the search engine, we will be able to help you shorten the time needed to find a good money lender. You no longer have to travel down to each individual office to enquire. And you definitely do not have to spend hours calling them asking about their interest and opening hours. Even if you may be able to find information about them online, is it accurate? Or did they forget to update their website?

This is where we come in to help you. By submitting an application form to us, we will do all the searching for you. We will help you find the best loan option that is not only suitable for your requirements but also one that you are comfortable with.


How does Best Loan Option work?

After receiving your application form, Best Loan Option will help you submit it to only the best license and legal money lender in Singapore. Once we receive the replies from the different money lenders we will send them to you for your selection.

Not to worry, all the data that you submit to us will be kept confidential. We will not sell or reveal your data to anyone else. However please note that upon sending in the application form, you are authorising the money lender that has accepted your application to contact you via email or calls.


Why Use Best Loan Option?

We are one of the best money lending matching platform in Singapore you will be able to find. Our staff will verify with Ministry of Law’s site that the money lender is license and legal. We will then work with the money lender to gather information from them. This is to find out if they are a good money lender. Basing it on their track record, we will then decide if the money lender is good enough to be included into our platform.

In addition we also check to ensure that the practices by these moneylenders are straightforward and open. Most importantly, we will check that these money lenders do not have any concealed charges or ridiculous financing or refinancing costs.

Best Loan Option promises to help you find your find the best money lender in the shortest time possible.

Please Be Reminded

Best Loan Option is an independent matching platform. We are not a licensed money lender ourselves and will not be providing you with a loan. At no point in time, will Best Loan Option call you. We will only reply to your applications or messages.

Do note that licensed money lenders in Singapore are not allowed to provide a loan through calls, sms or email. You are required by law to go to their office for a loan.

Any replies you get from our site does not mean that you definitely have to get a loan from them. The final decision is still up to you. If you decide that you no longer want a loan or do not want a loan from them, you can still choose not to get it from them. You have the freedom to pick any offer that you deem as the most appropriate and comfortable with. If you do not like any of the offers, you can always reject it.

Best Loan Option will keep your application and information confidential. We will not reveal any of your information to anyone else.

If you are in need of money, submit an application here. We will do our best to help you!