9 summer destinations in Europe that won’t break the bank

9 summer destinations in Europe that won’t break the bank

Europe is a massive continent that attracts people from far and wide. It’s not just Paris, London, Amsterdam, or Berlin that travellers flock to. There are tons of places that offer the best vacations for solo travelers, backpackers, couples, and families. If you are thinking of traveling to Europe, then you’re in for an expensive affair, and we have a good news for you. We’ve compiled a list of budget summer destinations in Europe that you just cannot afford to miss.

(The costs are the least expenses for reference including the basic food, 2-star accommodation, sightseeing, and leisure for 2 days.)

1.    Moscow, Russia

The cosmopolitan city Russia, Moscow significantly influences the art, fashion, education, and culture of the world. Located on the Moskva River, Moscow is ideal for shoppers, art-lovers, religion-followers, and adventure-freaks. No matter if you are a couple, family, a big group of friends, or just alone, all by yourself, Moscow invites you all!

Average expense for 2-days: $230

2.    Prague, Czech Republic

The ancient city of Prague with Gothic and traditional castles, buildings, museums, and churches is a hub for all the explorers. The city loves arts. You’ll find beautiful architecture and a number of art galleries. Prague 2, 4, 8, and 9 Districts can’t be missed; they’re stunning!

Average expense for 2-days: $200

3.    Madrid, Spain

This third-largest and heavily populated European city never fails to disappoint. Madrid is a major cultural hub in Spain with several art and historical museums, galleries, theatres, halls, and public arenas such as the Plaza de Oriente Square. Madrid is known worldwide for its immense and unique contribution to arts, fashion, science, and culture. You just cannot miss visiting this budget, picturesque city!

Average expense for 2-days: $200

4.    Albania Riviera, Albania

Quiet beaches, steep coastline, several shacks and hotels, Ceraunian Mountains, and many small and vibrant villages on the inclination. Perfect for beach lovers and couples who are in search for a romantic time in an alluring setting.

Average expense for 2-days: $190

5.    Palma, Majorca

Palma is an adorable island with several gold and white beaches that outline the blue waters of the Bay of Palma. Ideal for couples who recently got hitched and solo travelers, this island with Mediterranean climate invites for its prime museums and art galleries. Tourists can easily enjoy walking, cycling, and hiking on Serra de Tramuntana, explore underground caves, and go for shark viewing.

Average expense for 2-days: $185

6.    Warsaw, Poland

Warsaw is the best summer budget destination in Europe for history- and religion-lovers. Blessed with uncountable churches, temples, and religious museums, this vibrant city attractions tourists with like interest. The city is also ideal for tourists otherwise as it is the home to various parks, art galleries, and recreational facilities such as kayaking.

Average expense for 2-days: $195

7.    Dubrovnik, Croatia

Dubrovnik is blessed with innumerable blue-water beaches, thanks to the Adriatic Sea on the western side, which allows tourists to take a stroll on the white-sand beaches. You can also do kayaking and other water sports. The island has several monasteries, churches, and historical structures. Therefore, tourists can enjoy the complete view of this island with Dubrovnik Cable Car.

Average expense for 2-days: $240

8.    Santorini, Greece

This colourful and adorable Greek island provides several water sporting opportunities on the romantic beaches. Apart from the beautiful beaches, Fira town with elegant white and bold color homes, Therasia beach, volcano, and hot spring, and Akrotiri ruins are some other major attractions.

Average expense for 2-days: $220

9.    Lisbon, Portugal

Lisbon is a favoured place for families and solo travellers, thanks to its Gothic culture that reflects in its lifestyle and architecture. Be prepared for a beautiful sight of hills and coastline. This spectacular city offers budget accommodation, cheap booze and food, and an inviting vibe. Explorers, this place is truly a jackpot for you!

Average expense for 2-days: $200

Europe is an amazing travel continent. Look beyond the popular location and you’ll find many budget summer destinations in Europe. Do your research and set-off. You’ll surely have a great time and amazing memories.

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