7 Worst mistakes that will definitely ruin your trip (2017 update)

7 Worst mistakes that will definitely ruin your trip


Think you know all the tips and tricks to have a wonderful vacation? Think twice then. Whether you are a full-time traveler or not, travel mistakes are common with everyone. While some become hilarious stories to tell when you get back home, some mishaps can ruin your entire experience. Even the smartest of travelers can get robbed or face a passport mishap. So, before planning your next holiday keep in mind these common travel mistakes to not ruin your trip!


1.     Forgetting to Check Passport Validity

Think you have a passport so you are free to answer your next wanderlust calling? Well, a passport catastrophe is quite common with every traveler. Many countries require you to have a passport validity of at least 6 months after your travel date. What’s more, getting a passport takes around 3-4 weeks usually. So, check the expiration date and apply for a renewal in advance to avoid any last minute glitches that could end your trip right before you even leave for the airport!

2.     Having a Packed Itinerary

We can understand your eagerness to cover every part of the city, but that is the biggest flaw in most travel plans. By having a tight schedule from morning to night, you will end up tiring yourself and not enjoying the experience. Be reasonable and give yourself some breathing space. Plan the places you really wish to go and be flexible enough to allow the inclusion of a hidden attraction. Do not forget to have some relaxing time between destinations. After all, you are traveling to rejuvenate your soul!

3.     Not Having Enough Time between Connecting Flights

Booking connecting flights with no or little time gap is never a great idea. While the excitement is understood, you can end up missing your flight or losing some luggage behind. Keeping a window of at least 1.5 hours between connecting flights will considerably reduce your chance of travel mishaps. Never hurry and always calculate your time before finalizing flight schedules.

4.     Relying Solely on the Guidebook

It could be safer to go the tried and tested paths, but authentic travel experience comes with the sweet fruits of discovery. Your travel guidebooks and itinerary will only lead you to common touristy spots. So, research well and go the off-beat track to get the real taste of the destination. Meet new people, discover hidden destinations, try local recommendations of eateries and cafes, embrace local transport, and experience the place like locals do.

5.     Over-packing

It can be tempting to pack all your favourite clothes and shoes, but then you have to be ready to cough up some extra dollars or travel with the heavy luggage. Travelling light is the most convenient way to holiday. Pack the essentials and ditch the temptation to carry that favorite ALDO sling or the extra pair of those cool Diesel jeans.

6.     Not Informing the Bank before Travelling

Imagine being stranded at an unknown deserted location with no money! Sounds horrific, right? Well, many travellers make the mistake of not informing their banks about their travel plans. The result – your card gets blocked or is not internationally acceptable. So, make sure to alert your bank before your trip. A few minutes of formalities can save you from an unpleasant experience.

7.     Having No Clue about Local Laws and Customs

Travelling to a destination without any knowledge about the place is risky. From missing out on notable attractions to getting into a legal mess, travelling clueless to a place could lead to a bitter experience. Every city has its own laws and customs. Make sure you research well on them before travelling. Do your bit of homework and save yourself from distasteful experiences.

Avoiding these common travel mistakes will leave you with a cheerful and memorable holiday. So, remember these while planning your next vacation to avoid the embarrassment of last minute glitches.

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