6 tips and tricks to save money on your wedding

6 tips and tricks to save money on your wedding

Just got engaged? Congratulations! Now, you are a step closer to tying the knot with your loved one. Weddings are undoubtedly special, and you and your family do everything to make the day unforgettable. From choosing an exotic location and designing unique wedding invites to having an extravagant wedding menu, people do everything to make their wedding stand out and memorable.

While you do want to make your day special, you must not forget that weddings are a costly affair. Think about all the aspects that go into planning a wedding – from the venue to wedding rings and dress – and you will see how the cost amplifies. In Singapore, a typical wedding costs $30,000 to $50,000 on an average. Is it worth it? Think about it. Is it going to matter as much if you have a single tier cake, instead of a big fat wedding cake?

Many modern couples have come to realise the impracticality of putting in such a hefty amount for wedding ceremonies and they go for a budget wedding in Singapore. Now, this does not mean that they don’t care about making it memorable. There are ways in which you can have the conventional, memorable wedding and not burn a hole in your pocket. Here are a few tips for a budget wedding in Singapore to scrimp the unnecessary expenses yet make it a day to remember.


1.    Plan everything in advance

Planning a wedding is no cake walk. Wedding venues, photographers, caterers, etc., need to be booked in advance; sometimes 6 months to a year before the wedding date. If you wait to plan, your chance of getting your preferred location and photographer is low and you will have to opt for costly alternatives. Hence, it is imperative to start early so that you can have the wedding of your dreams within the limits of your budget. Starting early will help you brainstorm on multiple ideas. You can also consider cheaper options for venues and shopping overseas. It will also help you avail of promotional offers and discounts. The earlier you start, the higher your chance of having a grand wedding on a budget.

2.    Ditch the hotel ballroom, and opt for a banquet or restaurant

Who doesn’t dream of having a wedding at a fancy hotel or an exotic outdoor location? Everyone does. But, not everyone’s finance permits such luxurious wedding venue options. So, how do you still have a grand affair while not burdening your wallet? Opting for banquets or restaurants is a great idea for dinners and ceremonies. They are an inexpensive alternative. Additionally, you can put the saved money toward décor and food options. Book your banquet or restaurant for weekday dinner or weekend lunch and you will be happy to see how much you save. This is especially beneficial if you have a long guest list.

3.    Don’t let the guest list bloat

Discussion with your family about the guest list is an important part of wedding planning. After all, the catering and wedding favour cost rises with the number of guests you plan to invite. Many couples come across names they’ve never heard of on their wedding guest list. And, many guests do not even turn up. Hence, it is important to be selective with the people you plan to invite. Make two separate lists of ‘must’ and ‘good to have’. And, if the list is long, then cut down on the menu, venues, and invites to make sure you save in the long run.

4.    Recruit your family and friends to help

When you share the news of your wedding being fixed, your friends and family members squeal with excitement and also offer to help. Don’t shy away as this help can come in handy. Look within your circle of friends and close family members to fit in roles at your wedding. Do you have a musician friend? Or, is one of them an event planner? Is one of your family members a photographer? Then, they can play an important part in your wedding. Instead of hiring someone else, why not get them on board to contribute in making your wedding special. If they’re not available for some reason, you can get recommendations from them that fit in your budget.

5.    Evaluate wedding packages and planners

Wedding packages that incorporates outfit rentals, makeup services, and photography are a financially savvy option for weddings. It’s simple, if you opt for different vendors for all these services, the costs will double. But, this also doesn’t mean that you choose any package that comes across. Check the list of the things incorporated, evaluate them, and tick off the ones you don’t need. Trade them for things you need. Hiring a wedding planner is also a budget-saving alternative as these professionals are well connected and get discounts. If the DIY option is not working, try recruiting a wedding organiser. You can even consider talented freshers in the field for a budget wedding.

6.    Be practical with your wedding essentials

You may want that designer wedding gown and that expensive ring, but is it worth it? Many people end up regretting purchasing an expensive wedding gown because they don’t get a chance to wear them often (sometimes never again). Why not rent a gown or even better opt for your mother’s gown. It will add to the emotional value and save you from spending thousands of dollars. Wedding rings are special, but it doesn’t make sense to spend a fortune on it. Take your time for it and shop for the best discounts. The same goes for wedding invites, bouquets, and favours. Be creative and opt for the best yet inexpensive options.

So, here were some tricks to cut down and have a budget wedding in Singapore. Bear in mind that wedding is just the first step to a long life with your partner. Hence, it makes sense to be prudent with your finances and save some to secure your future.

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