10 formulas to save when you are self-employed

10 formulas to save when you are self-employed

Being autonomous is not easy, particularly in the beginning when you do not have a vast market of customers and therefore the income is not very wide. To survive in this world, many efforts have to be made. To help you balance your accounts, in this article, I will show you the best formulas to save by being autonomous and able to balance the accounts.

  1. Control your expenses

Controlling expenses for a self-employed person is really very important. The first months for a freelancer are loaded with many expenses, and in return, the income is not usually very high. For this reason, you always have to control the expenses with the objective of being able to square the same as soon as possible.

  1. Calls for tax savings

If you are new autonomous, it is very important that you request the flat rate for freelancers. Through it, you will be able to pay less for your monthly fee. During the first months, you will only have to pay 50 euros, while depending on how long you spend, the discounts will be lower. You can enjoy discounts up to 18 months, in which case you will have to pay 100% of the quota, except for the self-employed under 30 years and the self-employed for 35 years. In this instance, they have up to 30 months to enjoy discounts in the quota of self-employed.

  1. Find out about deductible expenses

Many freelancers are not aware that many of their expenses are deductible. For this reason, it is important that you report, to see what you can deduce.

If you are able to deduct many expenses, this means that you can save money and therefore you will have more options to succeed in your project. Remember, many freelancers fail in their business for lack of information and not for lack of customers. To avoid this, before starting, you should always inform yourself.

  1. Hire the services of an advisory

We already know that you will think that this is not saving, but an expense. But if you think about it, deep down is really a saving.

To start is an expense that you can deduct, both in the income section and in the Iva section. This means that the monthly fee you will have to pay for this service will be much lower.

Also, through the counseling, you can have everything much more controlled. And any kind of doubt you can solve it and also you can advise.

What’s more, your time is worth gold. The time it would take you to do all the paperwork for sure is worth much more than the fee you have to pay. Make numbers, and you will see how you win.

  1. Work from home

To save money, many freelancers work from home. At home, the expenses are much lower, which makes the self-employed who perform economic services are more and more.

Of course, the self-employed have not lowered their prices because the costs are lower, but because the competition is increasing. For this reason, a freelancer has to lower rates very much, with the aim of getting a client.

If you are autonomous and you are starting, you must be clear that you should not throw the prices, because this will take you to close your business because the debts will eat you. Remember, debts will be present every month, but income is never guaranteed.

  1. Keep track of your income

It is very important to keep track of income. This way you can see if you are able to earn a minimum amount. If you are not able to make that minimum, this will mean that month you have gone into losses. If you have funds, you can pull them to deal with the debts. But if the losses last for many months, then you will not have another to close to avoid bankruptcy.

  1. Take control of expenses

Keeping control of expenses is synonymous with going the right way. A self-employed person who knows what he spends is a self-employed individual who knows what he has to do to finish the month without problems.

If you do not keep track of expenses, you may be spending more than you owe on things you are not aware of.

Of course, both the control of expenses and income can be carried well ordered through a manager.

  1. Save on phone and mobile

Spending on telephone, internet, and mobile for many self-employed can be very high. To save, it can be worthwhile to eliminate the landline and leave the cell phone as a contact phone.

If you do not need a broad internet connection, always hire the lowest rate that allows you to do your job without problems.

And when it comes to hiring the mobile rate, you should always hire an unlimited calling rate so you can talk to your customers without looking at the clock. The important thing is that you can speak to your customers calmly. And if you need data, hire the ones you’re really going to need.

And remember, all of this data is deductible.

  1. Save on electricity and gas

In these two aspects, you can also save a lot of money. Whenever possible, turn off appliances that are not using, so you can significantly reduce the bill for light.

On the other hand, when setting the heating, always set a temperature that is not too high, unless your business requires it. Remember that a single grade can cause the gas bill to increase significantly.

  1. Contract advantageous accounts

When it comes to hiring a bank account, look and compare to stay with the best option. Whenever you can, contract an account without commissions and when you can be, hire an account that gives you interest or gifts. The important thing to achieve in this regard is significant to compare, both in real banks and online banks. Of course, the latter is usually the most used, because they offer many more advantages.

And remember, anything you save will be good for you as a freelancer and for your business.

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